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You don’t know which color of siding to choose?

We know this can be a stressful decision because the color of your siding is something your going see for a while, in this reading we are going to provide you some tips so we can make this a little easier for you

the first question we always do is to stay with the same color or start over

You and only you are the one that knows if it's time for a change. You can start analyzing your roof color, the color of your roof should be compatible with the color of your siding, also you should consider your trim house color.

This can also help you to make the best decision for you; On the other hand if you are okay with color of your siding, you know as they say “don’t fix something that is not broken

Listen to your house

You can be guided by the architecture of your house, take a minute to understand the style of your house, for example:

  • Olive green, deep red, and brown variants definitely benefit a Craftsman style house

  • If you have a Tuscan style home, you can use the color of the stones to guide you and choose the right color

  • Color white fits perfectly in colonial style homes


Despite what people say, size matters.

Small houses can be perfect match with dark colors, on the other hand dark color do not favor larges houses because they tend to over powering to the view

Take a look on your neighborhood

This point is important if you think you might be selling your house before the siding needs to be replaced just because you don’t want to be an eyesore, that doesn’t mean you have to be just like them, of course you can always put your touch with details.

And last tip we have for you is to choose someone that count with quality material, GND Construction LLC counts with the best team, service and material for your home improvement

Contact us 630 473 0148

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