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What if this year Instead of just making resolutions to eat better and get more fit, you add to your list some resolutions for your beautiful home too.

We’ll give you a list with maintenance tasks for your home, so if you decide to do it, by the end of the list you home will feel brand new

  • start organizing your cabinets and cleaning your windows: We start with some tasks we can make from the interior of our houses, because as you know snow is here. Also these tasks will help giving you peace of mind

  • Check if your HVAC filter needs a change: You need to check on this every two to four months to prevent health issues

  • Schedule an exterior inspection: Broken gutters, missing shingles, buckled siding, or any damage left by winter storms. Contact the experts

  • Inspect your floors. Take a walk around your house to see if any space could use new flooring, look for movement between board or wear and tear. This used to happen because at this time of the year when there is snow we are mostly indoors.

  • Check out your roof: It is safer if you do it from ground below, do a quick inspection, most of the time you can’t see the true damage of your roof from ground below. Call in an expert for free inspection

Choose to renovate this year! Whether it’s an exterior improvement such as roofing, siding, patio, or an interior project like floor, bathroom, kitchen or interior carpentry work, schedule a free in-home consultation with our professionals

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