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Do you know if your siding needs to be repaired?

When we talk about siding it’s one of the long lasting inversions that you make, more if we are talking about vinyl siding that is one of the most durable materials. You are probably going to need some professional to back up your opinion because it is not always easy knowing if your siding needs to be replaced or to be repaired. But here we are going to tell you some of the signs to let you know if your siding needs attention.

Gapping or denting siding

If your siding is gapping or denting you must do something because it can lead to bigger problems leaking moisture or an increase of mold. You can repair or reinstall the section of the siding, if the damage of your siding is widespread or is higher, it would make sense to replace the hole siding

Wavy siding

This must be a sign of a bad installation or it could be a problem of the high sun exposure. In this case we recommended a full installation or get a new siding

Waning color

This is a common problem with the vinyl siding and unfortunately this is an expensive problem. This is mostly an aesthetic problem, there is no simple repair for this, if this is your case maybe it’s time to replace your siding.

Aluminum siding

If you have Aluminum siding we have notices for you... It's time for you to replace your siding. Aluminum siding is being discontinued because it causes mold, and in long term mold can be harmful for your and your family health, besides is a sign that your siding is really old.

If you read this and started to think that your house probably needs new siding but you are a little worried because you think that this will be a hefty expense, take it easy, not always is that way. Call the professionals, your house may qualify for a complete replacement fully covered by the insurance.

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