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Updated: May 26, 2021

Reading this will help and show you what happens to house roofs and what to do after a high wind storm passes by.

We are always happy when the storm passes however, most damage done to the roofs occur during a storm. High winds will lift up the shingles while rain can seep inside and cause more damage, but this is not always bad news because you can always call GND Construction LLC (630) 473-0148 professionals and experts in the subject

speed and kind of damages

54-72 mph This can be catalogue as a violent storm.

Old structures and shingles can take significant damage, tree limbs break and shallow roots pulled over

75-89 mph This kind of winds are the beginning of the hurricane-force winds

Good roofs will lose shingles and old/weak roofs will begin to lift up, trees can be broken, threats of flying objects are present in this speed

90+ mph considerable severe winds

definitely cause damage, In strong roofs causes medium/moderate damage and in old roofs causes severely damage

Well… What 's next?

As owners we do not always know how to react or what to do after a natural disaster.

This are some steps that as a owner you need to do after a high wind

  • Check outside for damage

  • Clean up debris and residues from your roof and yard (shingles, tree limbs, objects carried by the wind, etc)

  • Check inside your house for leaks or discoloration in roof and sides

  • Call us for free inspection (630) 473-0148

  • Let us to do your insurance claim and get new roof

Contact us We have one of the best public adjusters.

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